Re-Entry Into Normal Life

As if living during a pandemic wasn't enough to worry about, now we are getting a little anxious about what to do when it's over. Nobody really likes change even if it is for the better. We've been hoping and praying for this coronavirus to disappear. We have vaccines to make ourselves resistant to it. If we get one (or the pair of shots) then we are one step closer to getting back to normal, right? Maybe then we can lose the masks. That's one accomplishment. The next step in our re-entry into normal life might be going back to the office to work. Yes, "re-entry". That's something else to worry about. You've gotten comfortable with working from home or just being home since you may not be working at all. But returning to work when your office reopens or your free ride expires means you'll want to make sure your presentable clothing still fits. After all many Americans packed on a few pounds during lock-down. That commute from the bedroom to the couch will also change dramatically. You've had it pretty easy without fighting traffic for the last year except for the occasional one Mom/two child collision in the hallway on a busy school day. "Re-entry" into normal life also means your built-in excuse to avoid social events and gatherings will be gone. You'll have to get more creative with ways to dodge that one third cousin's fourth wedding. Getting back to normal can be as challenging as living with all these restrictions has been. Best of luck!