Hairdresser Appreciation Day

Matt Appleby - Pandemic Hair

See that mess? That's my hair in the early days of the pandemic at about six or seven weeks after the previous hair cut. Yes it's thick and unruly and I'm blessed to have that much at my age. I'm also blessed to have always had someone for over 40 years, who can consistently give me a really good haircut. Fran, a friend of a girl friend at the time, cut my hair for a while in high school and was the one who gave me the center part/feathered look.

Matt Appleby - junior year

I kept that look for a while, through senior year, at least. I think a guy in Ashland named Harold cut it for a while after we moved to town.

Matt Appleby senior pic

My style shifted a bit in the early to mid 80's. Still looking good thanks to Helen and Anita at Heatherwood Hairdressers in Madison Township. I was going more for the Don Johnson (Miami Vice look). Late 80's I added the goatee.

There's a long gap in my memory where I can't remember who was cutting my hair or where I got it cut. I know in the late 90's/Early 2000's I got it styled by Blake on Park Avenue West. After that I draw a blank until some ten years ago when I hooked up with the crew at Famous Hair (now Supercuts) on Ashland Road in Mansfield. Regardless of who I sit with (Beth, Tiffany or Sarah) I always leave with a great haircut even when we take it to the extreme! (see next photo)

Matt Appleby - St. Jude haircut

For one of our St. Jude Radiothons Sarah Bibler had the duty of cutting ALL of my hair off. I did that to show solidarity with all of the children fighting cancer that because of their treatment lost their hair. We had fun that day cutting the hair off in stages for different looks.

Matt - going for the Gibbs look (NCIS)
Matt and the crew cut to emulate my late father.
...and The Mohawk.
Beth Shafer at Supercuts

Beth Shafer is the REAL miracle work as far as my hair is concerned.

Matt - really overgrown hair.

She can turn this....

Matt - freshly groomed - April 2021

Into this! When it comes to my hair I have a lot to be thankful for, especially when it comes to the people whose skills keep it looking as nice as it does. They deserve, as do all stylists and barbers, a lot of credit for what they struggled with to survive the effects of the pandemic. Yes masks are still in play and I still wait in my vehicle until it's my turn but that's a small price to pay to get a professional cut and style. To all of the hairdressers, stylists, and barbers who have taken care of me though the years, including the ones I've forgotten, I just wanted to say I appreciate you!.

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