Walker Hayes Song Tops The Chart AND The Menu!

Calling it a "dream come true" Country singer and songwriter Walker Hayes created a Number One Country hit about a regular occurrence in his life, Date Night at Applebee's! By now you've heard the song 'Fancy Like' here on 101.3 WNCO. The one in which Hayes sings about his favorite dinner destination Applebee's, the Bourbon Street Steak and sharing an Oreo Shake with his wife Laney. ("Two straws, one check, girl I got you") The song was released on June 4th, six days later charted at number 79 and by June 16th was the most downloaded song in the country. It spent two weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart and the Billboard Digital Sales Chart has seen it float at the top (#1 or #2) for the last three months. It's popularity is so widespread that his beloved Applebee's has returned the Oreo Shake to the menu (for a limited time). Now when you visit 'Bees you'll see Hayes and his wife on your placemat with some abbreviated info about Hayes and the song.

Flip your placemat over for a better look at the Bourbon Street Steak and Oreo Shake as well the story of the internet phenomenon, the 'Fancy Like' TikTok dance which originated in the Hayes household as well. It was Hayes' oldest daughter who choreographed the 'Fancy Like' moves. This simple video, feature her and her dad, has exploded on social media to the tune of 22-million views and counting. It's also inspired thousands and thousands of fans to post their own performances of the dance. Just in the last week I've seen two wedding videos with the bride and her bridesmaids doing the 'Fancy Like' dance at the reception. You'll notice the QR code on the placemat. Scan it to see "what all the hype is about" or play it now below.

I've liked Hayes' music since I first heard his 2017 hit 'You Broke Up With Me'. He's not what you would call "Traditional Country" but he's a clever wordsmith with a fun sense of humor. Feel free to dig deep into his catalog (watch 'Shut Up Kenny).

Since it was some actual Applebee's customers that brought the song to my wife Kelly's attention, and ultimately mine, I think we're due for a 'Fancy Like' date night. I'm not sharing my Oreo Shake. She can have her own. 'Two shakes, one check, 'girl I got you'!

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