"Fluffernutter" Among New Words Added To The Dictionary

Finger pointing to word in dictionary

Photo: Getty Images

Merriam-Webster's ongoing efforts to stay as up-to-date as possible has led the dictionary to add 455 new words including "dad bod," "fluffernutter" and "super-spreader."

Popular acronyms like TBH (to be honest) and FTW (for the win) were also added. Some other words to also make the cut include "long COVID," "vaccine passport," "whataboutism," "amirite," "air fryer," and "doorbell camera." If you want to know the definition for any of these words, you can look in the dictionary. Other new words that were added you may not have ever heard of, like "oobleck" and "halotherapy." If you don't know what they mean, now you can look them up!

In addition to adding new words, the dictionary also updated existing words, like "because" and "astroturf."

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