Styles Come And Go But These Gotta Go!

Ladies have you ever shopped for clothes, looked a particular item and asked "how can anyone wear that?" Worse yet, have you fallen victim to fashion trends and peer pressure and bought that ridiculous item? According to BuzzFeed, many women are "Over it" and are ready for some styles to leave.

Shiny high heels

Photo: Getty Images

High heels - miserable and dangerous

Fake pockets in pants, skirts and dresses– Just why?

Clothing with cut-outs that make it difficult to wear a bra– What’s a blessed babe to do?

Crop tops– Options, people, options.

Pointy-toed shoes– No one’s foot is shaped like that.

Cold shoulder tops– Intentionally making yourself cold, right?

Thong underwear– The digging at your hiney is more unattractive than the panty. line.

High-waisted jeans– Saggy butt, anyone?

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