What's The Best Bedtime For Your Heart?

Caucasian woman sleeping in bed

Photo: Getty Images

A good night's sleep. The amount of sleep we get each night is important but when we begin that sleep might be even more so. NBC News reports the time you decided to lay down for the night and go to sleep may determine how at-risk you are to develop heart disease.

Researchers studying the sleep habits of 88,000 adults over six years found a correlation between bedtime and heart disease. The study showed that the people going to sleep after 11 p.m. had a 25% higher risk of cardiovascular disease, and those who dozed off before 10 p.m. were at a 24% higher risk. In the end what does that tell us? Researchers concluded that the ideal bedtime is between 10 and 11 p.m. 

The study also found that the risk is higher for women after 11 p.m. and higher for men before 10 p.m.

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