Is Your Cat Stalking You?

Close up of Scottish Fold Cat Staring at Camera

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever gotten that look from your cat? The one that suggests it is not happy with your desire for privacy? Well it may not be as sinister as it seems. It could be "kitty Love". Kitty love is just as powerful as puppy love -- according to a new study reported in the New York Post, cats are super-attached to their owners and mentally "track" them when they're out of sight. The study shows that felines can draw mental maps that let them find their humans by the sound of their voices alone -- even in crowded and unfamiliar settings. Researcher Saho Takagi tells the New York Post "This is an ability that is the basis of creativity and imagination. Cats have a more profound mind than is thought.”

I'm not convinced the behavior is so innocent. Remember this is the same Kitty mind that seems to get great satisfaction from tossing things off the kitchen counter, knocking over your house plants and pooping in the loose dirt, waltzing across your computer keyboard when you are trying to work or flashing its hind end when you're on a zoom call. Cats can be so mischievous and manipulative. But when they show you love and start to purr...all is forgotten

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