You Have The Right To Disconnect!

Frustrated angry man reading a text message on his smartphone blowing steam coming out of ears

Photo: Getty Images

You've clocked out for the day or maybe you are on vacation. That time you get to spend away from the rat race. Clearing your head of the day to day pressure of your job. It's important time. Time to re-establish some work-life balance in your life. But inevitably just when you have relaxed to the point of even forgetting what day it is the phone rings and your boss or coworker has a question. Maybe it's a text or an email requiring your attention to a matter that you thought you wouldn't have to address until tomorrow or next week. Most of us hear the phone ring, sigh deeply and see what the problem is. It's how we keep our jobs but it also serves to revive some stress. Some have suggested this be against the law?

In Portugal it is! Lawmakers there passed a law banning companies from contacting their employees after hours. The USA Today reports that new labor laws are being described as a “right to disconnect” -- and include penalties for employers who contact workers outside of office hours.

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