What's Ohio's Favorite Christmas Movie?

kids watching tv at home in the Christmas night

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To help usher in the spirit of the holidays, Preply recently studied search trends for keywords related to 115 of the highest-rated and highest-grossing holiday movies of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes and Box Office Mojo. 

They then narrowed down the list to the top 25 most-searched for films and evaluated how popular they were in each state. According to the results "Home Alone" tops the list. "The Grinch (2018) is second followed by "Elf" and "Edward Scissorhands". "Home Alone crushes the competition in six countries Indian, Pakistan, Nigeria, Phillipines, Canada and Australia. "Home Alone", "Polar Express" and Klaus are the top three worldwide. Ohioans think a little differently with "Elf" and "Polar Express" on top. Looking at the results by state, Elf was the most popular in ten states followed by The Polar Express which was the most popular in nine states. Broken down regionally: The West (Nightmare Before Christmas), The Midwest (Elf), The South (Polar Express), The Northeast (Home Alone). Check out the full report .

(Courtesy of Preply)

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