You Know They Waited Until The Last Minute if you receive _____!

Motor Oil

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Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a quart of 10-W-30. It's gifts like that and the list below that are clear indicators that the gift giver waited until the last minute to pick your gift. If that gift is in a gift bag and not wrapped then you know the gift giver stopped at the convenient store on the way over. It is said that it it is the thought that counts. if thought was involved that would tell you there was likely preparation and you'd be receiving something better than what's on this list of last minute gifts.

A jar of peanuts, oven mitt, windshield wipers, chia pet, toilet paper, a broken watch, voodoo doll, multivitamins, plastic silverware or matches. Other gifts that would clearly fall into the last minute choice category might be an ice scraper, generic stocking cap, non licensed sports cap from whatever pro team is nearest to the city you're in, or generic alcohol. Some acceptable last minute gifts...lottery cards, gift cards and cash.

Most of us have grabbed a last minute gift. Two in five Americans admit to being terrible gift givers and 51% say they wait until the last minute to do their shopping. How last minute? 50% said they purchase gifts on Christmas Eve and 39% have even gotten something on Christmas Day. No surprise, the top spots for these very last-minute gifts are grocery stores (41%), drug stores (33%), and liquor stores (30%).

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