New Technology Ensures The Perfect Bath

Young lady in bathrobe ready taking bath

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When it comes time for your next bathroom remodel consider some new technology that will deliver something you've always wanted, the perfect bath. You want the right amount of water at the perfect temperature. Wouldn't it be great if this whole process was hands free? May I present Kohler's PerfectFill technology. This fancy digital valve and drain kit, allows you to run the perfect bath with just a voice command to your digital assistant. "Hey Alexa, run my bath at 100 degrees". The digital valve can be programmed to know exactly how you like the water, senses when to shut off the faucet to prevent spills and knows when to begin draining the tub. You can customize the settings for up to 10 different family members. Too many people? Create an "after intense workout" setting, an "after a hard day at work setting", or a setting for the little ones when bubbles and splashing are involved.

If this sounds like the upgrade you are looking for, save up. It's $2700 before installation. Plus you must have a tub and faucet compatible to this fancy Kohler device.

Info on Kohler PerfectFill smart bathing technology provided by The Verge.


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