Wait, What? These Phrases Have Been Banished?

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We have long since passed the point of annoyance. Over the course of the last year or so there are some phrases that were once catchy, even clever, but have since grown tiresome. According to Michigan's Lake Superior State University, which puts out an annual Top 10 list of such phrases, here's this year's batch of phrases that should be banished! In order to make this article more interesting I'll use them all (the ones in bold italics) in the following paragraph.

Wait, What? These are phrases that we should stop using immediately? It's OK, I'm just asking for a friend. Let's take a deep dive into this list anyway. The supply chain is well stocked with phrases that have had their day in the sun. Much like last year's banned phrases and words: "pivot", "Karen" and "in these uncertain times", which we still circle back to time and again, it is our new normal to latch onto such verbiage and run it into the ground. That being said, we find ourselves thinking we are hip and trendy by using these phrases. At the end of the day we're not. So until you are told otherwise, regarding the use of this year's Top Ten Banned Phrases, you're on mute. No worries, there will be another ten (or more) that will catch on and ultimately meet their fate a year from now.

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