2022 Ohio Kid Inventors' Day Celebration

On January 13th, award-winning young inventors from throughout the state will gather to display their Global, National and State awarding-earning inventions in the Ohio Statehouse Atrium to celebrate the upcoming National Kid Inventors Day, which takes place January 17th. Inventions will be on display from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with formal remarks and presentations at 11:00 a.m. and opportunities to meet the inventors and see their inventions at 11:30 a.m.

For example, the 12th-grade team of Soham Joshi, and Raaghav Malik, from Columbus, Ohio, who invented “S.E.N.S.E”, a robotic glove that can move the user’s hands into various positions to teach the user sign language exclusively by using the sense of touch, so even those who are both deaf and blind can learn sign language. In addition, this tactile approach allows for multisensory stimulation for those who do have their sense of sight, providing a more effective way to memorize these gestures. Their invention won top honors at the Global, National & Ohio Invention Conventions. Soham and Joshi were awarded “Best of Show” in the virtual 2021 Global Invention Convention and the top award at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals. They also received the “Most Innovative Award, presented by Raytheon Technologies”, as well as an “Innovation in Electronics Award, presented by Arrow Technologies”, and a full Patent Application, which provides them with the unique opportunity to work with lawyers from Wilmer Hale to secure a full patent for their invention at no cost to them. They have each earned nearly $5,000 in cash awards and 529 College Advantage Savings awards to help pursue their future education and support them in the development of their invention.

Other Ohio student inventors include:

5th grader Samrithy Balaji from Dublin, OH, a 4-time kid inventor. Her inventions include the national award-earning “DAS: De-Acidification of Industry Water System”, “Cook N' Safety”, and “Spec X Finder”. She will be displaying her most recent invention, 2021 state award-earning invention, “Every Drop Counts”, a solution which helps conserve and reuse water from bathing and showering.

The sibling team of 1st grader Jude and 4th grader Vera Wilder from Delaware, OH, inventors of the “Kidz Kutlery”, an invention which combines eating utensils for young children and alerts them when food is too hot to eat. Their invention earned them the top award in the K-5 division in the 2021 Ohio Invention Convention. Their prize included a $2,500 College Savings award from Ohio Tuition Trust Authority CollegeAdvantage 529 and an invitation to represent Ohio in the 2022 Invention Convention U.S. Nationals at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI.

Isabelle Strobel, 9th grade, of Akron, OH, inventor of “Alice’s Arm” a cost-effective prosthetic arm for children. Isabelle earned 1st place in the 8thgrade and a “Global Accessibility Award” in the 2021 Invention Convention U.S. Nationals and was invited to join 185 students from around the world to represent the USA in the 2021 Global Invention Convention.

The 7th grade team of Kierstyn Coffman & Samuel DeHart of West Alexandria, OH, who earned the Honda Industry Innovation award for Transportation at the State competition for their invention “Carseat Roller”, a car seat modification that uses telescopic poles and wheels, making it easier to move and use for everyone, especially people with weak upper body strength or impairment.

The Ohio Invention League is an Ohio-focused Invention Education program that each year trains teachers in schools and program leaders across Ohio to teach invention and entrepreneurship to K-12 students.

Press Release provided by: Ohio Invention League Invention Convention

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