The Great Resignation: Quitting Our Jobs And Loving It!

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Fill in the blank. A Job is _____. How did you answer? Necessary? Required? How about this: My job is _____. Awful, annoying, stressful, frustrating, unfulfilling, not challenging, insufficient? Shall I go on? How one feels about his or her job is trending towards the negative. So much so that people, in larger numbers than ever, are quitting their jobs. It's been labelled "The Great Resignation".

It seems that those who have quit their jobs are much happier. A recent survey found that 60% of Millennials and 59% of Gen X-ers who have recently quit their jobs said it was the best decision they’ve made in a long time. The most common reasons for quitting …

  • Finding a different job that offers better pay -- 57%
  • Finding a job with better work/life balance -- 55%
  • Finding a job with better working conditions -- 54%

Almost 90% of the survey respondents who quit their job said they would have stayed if they had been offered better benefits, including opportunities for growth (52%), better working conditions (52%) and having internal career development (49%).

If you are going to do something for over 50 years, depending on how old you were when you started and how old you were when you stopped, you might as well be doing something you like. I started working when I was 15 and expect to have to work until I'm at least 67 when full retirement benefits are payable. I'm expecting I'll have to work beyond that, if possible. I tell people my retirement is set for 30 minutes before calling hours unless I hit the lottery jackpot. I'm joking. Sort of.

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