America's Boating Course with the Mansfield Power Squadron

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New to boating? Want to develop your boating skills?

Want to learn boating safety? 

Now is the time to sign up for the America's Boating

Course (ABC) which begins March 1st, 7-9 pm, and is

held  on Tuesdays through May 10th. Registration is

through the Madison Adult Career Center. Call

419-589-6363.  The class will be held at Madison

Comprehensive High School, 600 Esley Lane, Mansfield.

This in-person class is taught by certified instructors of

the Mansfield Power Squadron (MPS) and allows you to seek 

answers to your questions from knowledgeable and 

experienced individuals. It is an opportunity for boaters

to increase their knowledge of boating and boating

safety. The course also meets the State of Ohio boating 

education requirement.

Topics covered include: 

- boating laws (state and federal)

-safety and safety equipment

-finding your way safely

-boat handling, rules of the road, navigation aids

-anchoring, docking, knots and lines

-trailering, boat maintenance


-how to handle emergencies and mechanical

  problems and more

Take boating classes and reduce your risk of 

accidents and injuries, save on boat insurance,

and qualify for a state boat operator certificate.

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy

your time on the water and to boat with confidence.

The Mansfield Power Squadron (MPS) is a local

nonprofit, aligned with America's Boating Club/

United States Power Squadron, in promoting

boating safety and education. It serves north

central Ohio.

Visit or call

419-975-9724 for more information about the

MPS, additional advanced boating courses,  how

to improve your boating skills and knowledge, or

for a complimentary vessel safety check.

Visit and https://www.americas to learn more about the United

States Power Squadron/America's Boating Club,

the largest non-profit family boating organization

in the United States.

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