Don't Be Mean To Girl Scouts

Selection of girl scout cookies

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Have you noticed that the price of Girl Scout cookies has gone up? Have you also noticed that the size of the cookie has gotten smaller? It's true. My favorite Do-Si-Dos disappear a lot quicker than they use to. But why complain? I don't buy them simply because they are delicious and my wife and I enjoy them. I buy them to support the efforts of my grand daughter and, before her, the children of other friends, relatives and co-workers. I shouldn't be surprised to learn that some girl Scout cookie consumers don't let it end there. They have to voice their grievances directly to the scouts themselves. That's just wrong so I say "don’t yell at the Girl Scouts!"

Leaders report that girls are being harassed as they try to sell their cookies. Seems they are hearing angry complaints from adults about the price hikes for the cookies, and people are even giving them a hard time about cookies not being healthy, yelling things like, “Cookies make you fat” and “I’m on a diet. I can’t eat that.” And still others are berating the girls about a conspiracy theory that the Girl Scouts have links to Planned Parenthood. They don't.

story courtesy of Insider

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