National Napping Day - Count Me In

That's me napping in a very comfortable hotel room bed.

It's National Napping Day! This day is observed every year the day following the return of Daylight Saving Time. You lost an hour of sleep in the morning – so take a nap … and enjoy the extra light at the end of the day. #NationalNappingDay

But what is a nap? Is it actually sleep? How long of a period of shut-eye is recommended to be a good nap. I checked with the experts at The Mayo Clinic.

To nap, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is to sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day. The mayo clinic reports that the benefits of taking a nap, for a healthy adult, include relaxation, reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood, and improved performance.

Are there drawbacks to napping? Yes. Negative effects are that a nap can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented. It can also mess up your night time sleep quality.

How do you know you need a nap? If you experience new fatigue or unexpected sleepiness, are experiencing sleep loss or you desire to make planned naps part of your routine.

The Mayo Clinic suggests that a good nap is

  • 10 to 20 minutes long
  • Takes place in the early afternoon
  • taken in a restful environment

Phew! That was exhausting! I think I'll take a nap before my next installment.

Senior Man Napping on Couch

Photo: Getty Images

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