It's "Uncuffing Season"

I can't believe we're fighting about this again...

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Happy Uncuffing Season! Spring is officially springing next week. It's the time of year we look forward to warmer weather, flowers blooming, grass turning green and some people looking for that green grass on the other side of the fence, so to speak. They want something fresh and new in the relationship department. Yes it's breakup season! An in-depth Facebook study conducted a few years ago discovered that more and more statuses contained the words "breakup" and "broken up," with a huge spike in the time between Valentine's Day and spring break. There must have been some seriously disappointing Valentine's Day gifts don't you think. The holidays and cold winter months are known as “cuffing season” – aka when people tend to be in relationships. Some of that no doubt comes from the desire to simply not be alone over the holidays. But with spring and warmer weather on the horizon, relationship experts say breakups are on the rise because people feel more inclined to interact and engage with the outside world -- including new people. A little of the "out with the old, in with the new" part of your new year resolution. Sunshine makes people happier and more adventurous, and just like cleaning out your house, people are more inclined to clean out their personal lives as well. Literally kicking that relationship to the curb for trash day. It's either that or stuffing it in a tote and hauling it up to the attic. Then it ultimately ends up in a yard sale and nobody will buy that.

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