This Mother-In-Law Went Too Far

Loving couple and mother-in-law

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Here's another classic from Reddit's "Am I the A-Hole" forum: A woman's mother-in-law was staying the night and demanded she be allowed to sleep in the master bedroom. The daughter-in-law, sensibly, refused. That set off an argument -- and of course, her husband took his mother's side because "it's only one night." When the woman refused to cave, the monster-in-law stormed off at midnight and went to a hotel. Then hubby went to the hotel, too, and turned off his phone. And now the whole family thinks the wife is in the wrong.

How would I react? Hypothetically I would offer up, and politely insist on, hotel accommodations. Frankly we're just not that good at housekeeping and I don't need judgemental people in my home. Our (master) bedroom is the last room that gets cleaned when we get company, Plus we rarely have overnight guests. The last two chose the couch. The bottom line is our bedroom is off limits. For less than hotel money you can buy an inflatable mattress and set it up in the living room not far from the guest bathroom.

Regarding the husband siding with his mom, I think he made a huge mistake. If you really love your wife, ideally she's your partner till death do you part. Show some loyalty. Everyone in this story needs to remember the bible verse Genesis 2:24  “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”. Come on dude, cleave! Mom may shut you out for a while. She should not test your love this way. I think she'll be back around.

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