Mayfield or Watson: The Numbers Don't Lie

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

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First, let me state I am a Cleveland Browns fan. Second, I like Baker Mayfield. This scrappy QB took over a team in 2018 and helped lead them to a 7-8 and 1 record. This after going 0 and 16 in 2017, and 1 and15 the year before that. Mayfield entered the September 20th, 2018 game in relief of Tyrod Taylor and lead the Browns to their first win in 635 days and , in the process, unlocked Bud Light fridges all over the region. He helped guide the Browns to a winning season in 2020 with an 11-and-5 record, their first wining season in 13 years, and their first trip to the playoffs in 18 years where they beat the Steelers. So of course he's been a hero to many Browns fans. The best they've had in years! Perhaps that's why it hurts so bad now that he's gone.

Technically he's not really gone. As of this writing, he's still a Brown although his replacement (Deshaun Watson) and his replacement's back-up (Jacoby Brissett) have been hired. Add to that reports that Mayfield has stated he had no intention of playing for the Browns this coming season anyway. Where will be play next? He wanted to be traded to Indianapolis but the Colts today traded for Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Maybe the Browns will trade him to Seattle who is in need of a star QB.

I'm not a Deshaun Watson fan but when I force myself to look strictly at the numbers, Watson is a better QB. In four seasons, Watson has thrown for more yards (14,539 to 14,125) more TD's (104 to 92) fewer INT's (36 to 56) and has a higher completion percentage (67.8 to 61.6). Baker has been sacked fewer times (134 to Watson's 174). Watson has been to 3 Pro Bowls, Baker none. In 2020 Watson lead the league in passing with 4,823 yards, 33 TD's and 7 INT's.

Based on the stats Deshaun Watson is the better QB, right? That's the $230 million dollar question. Mayfield with his gutsy play in spite of numerous injuries this past season seamed like a Cleveland kind of guy didn't he? Against all odds. Mini (barely able to see over large linemen) but mighty! Wherever Mayfield plays next, I'll root for him unless he's playing the Browns. I'll keep (and frame) my Mayfield jersey. You won't catch me wearing a #4 jersey unless it says DAWSON on the back because there is one more number to look at and it disturbs many. Twenty-two. Twenty-two civil lawsuits have been filed against Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct.

  • written by Matt Appleby

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