Women Smell Worse Than Men? This Can't Be True!


Photo: Getty Images

I find this extremely hard to believe. Women smell worse than men? This can't be true. First of all, in my experience I cannot agree. Second I can't imagine ever bringing this up in my household. We both shower with soap daily, wash our hair daily and wear clean clothes. Yes she has come home from work smelling like the restaurant or I from working in the yard sweating like a pig but that's nothing a wash rag and bar of soap can't fix. So why bring this up at all? Check out the following article.

Proctor & Gamble has apologized and removed a social media post that claimed, “Women’s feet smell 5 times worse than men’s.” The post, which was shared on China’s WeChat platform, was promoting a line of body washes. But it didn’t stop there. The post also claimed that women’s chests smelled worse than men’s, that women’s hair was twice as dirty as men’s because women supposedly wash their hair less, and they also said women had dirtier underwear. Ummm … (South China Morning Post)

If this is true in your house, I'm pretty sure I don't need to know.

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