Man trying to sleep covering ears for noise

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Tired of your noisy neighbors? Here’s one way to shut them down – get access to their Bluetooth and send them a musical message. That’s what one TikToker did. He said the music from his upstairs neighbors was often so loud he couldn’t concentrate. So he hooked up to their Bluetooth speaker and sang “Your music sucks, please turn it down” to the tune of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, which he made specifically for the occasion. That’s one way to handle it. (Daily Dot)

Bluetooth wasn't around years ago when I'd reached my limit with some noisy neighbors or I'd have used it. It's been over twenty-five years but I remember it happened like this. It was a hot steamy summer night and the windows were open. My then fiance' and I were in our third floor apartment trying to get some sleep. Well the couple across the driveway from us were partying hard and loud! We shouted across the way for them to quiet down but to no avail, so we called the cops. As time passed the party gave way to romance. They soon were in the throws of passion and every groan and squeal could be heard echoing between the two buildings and down the driveway towards the back parking lot. When the officers arrived they, at ground level, could hear the couple still making love. Instead of climbing the three flights of stairs to knock on their door, the officers just shouted up at them "Hey...Hey, you're causing a disturbance!" That was followed by chuckles from the bedroom window and chuckles from the cops. Thinking back we ultimately got a good laugh at it and to this day still do.

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