To Vacay, Or Not To Vacay? That Is The Question!

Waikiki beach

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Maybe this will be the year my wife and I get to travel. Thanks to COVID the last two years have been a challenge to get away. We were either content to stay isolated at home or limit ourselves to short getaways or staycations. Last year we were all set to take off to Myrtle Beach but I got COVID and was hospitalized. Everything was refunded except the flight but we received credit towards a flight this summer. For us getting away is a must. We'll celebrate out 25th wedding anniversary this year and "we're not getting any younger" as they say. We understand how there can still be hesitation from some folks. Pandemic fears remain among the reasons to "again this year stay put" and there are others.

Are Americans anti-vacation? A new survey found that while more Americans can afford a vacation this year, fewer want to take one. Of those choosing NOT to vacation this year, 27% say they’re just not interested in taking one, 20% said they wouldn’t be vacationing because of COVID, and 11% said they’re saving their days off for another time. 28% said they’d rather just stay home on their vacation than travel. The survey also found that only about 33% respondents will use all their vacation days this year – that’s down from 40% in 2019. (Qz)

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