Beatles vs Stones: Rock & Roll Shootout Ends In A Draw!

Abbey Road (Beatles Tribute Act)Photo: Matt Appleby

Billed as "The greatest debate in rock history, who's better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?" took place Saturday Night at The Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield. National touring acts Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash square up on stage to settle this question once and for all. There were plenty in the crowd who took sides but, based on the swag worn and screams and cheers, but its impossible to declare a winner. Each act played four or five song sets then exited allowing the other band to come on and do the same. Each band threw some good natured jabs at the other: The band Abbey Road mentioned the new up and coming youngsters The Rolling Stones. Later the band Jumping Jack Flash mocked the "Beatles" matching suits and haircuts.

Jumping Jack Flash (Rolling Stones Tribute)Photo: Matt Appleby

While neither act played every hit in their catalog, clearly an impossible task, they did bring back plenty of memories. Abbey Road made us feel like teenagers as if we were audience of The Ed Sullivan Show or The Shea Stadium concert with "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "I Saw Her Standing There" plus "Twist and Shout", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Revolution" "Drive My Car", and the great sing-a-long "Hey Jude". "JJF" did an amazing job on "Paint It Black", Mother's Little Helper", "You Can't Always Get What You Want", "Sympathy For The Devil", "Start Me Up" and their namesake "Jumping Jack Flash". The bands also changed costumes for each set to represent the different eras (and for The Stones, personnel) of their careers. Abbey Road's "Sgt. Pepper" costumes were particularly flashy and fun. In general "tribute acts" either look the part with costumes and movements, or sound the part with their playing and singing. Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash achieve both making it obvious why both are among the top Beatles and Stones tribute acts in the world.

Early "Paul"Photo: Matt Appleby

Early era "Stones" drummer "Charlie Watts". He's got the look!Photo: Matt Appleby

The show closed with both acts on stage for an awesome mash-up of The Beatles "Day Tripper" and The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction". I loved it and I'd watch it again tomorrow, and the next day. A big thanks to The Renaissance Theatre for another spectacular show. Visit for a look at what's coming in the '22-'23 season!

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