Grillin' Season Has Begun At Matt's House

Matt's NY Strip! How ya like those grill marks?Photo: Matt Appleby

I'm happy to report that Grillin' Season is underway at The Appleby's. I feel confident we here in Mid Ohio are done with snow and ice and otherwise miserably cold weather. Conditions that, at least for me, are not suitable for outdoor cooking. Now I know there are many of you that grill year 'round. More power to you! Generally speaking I have the grill shut down by Halloween. I disconnect the propane tank, secure the grill cover then cover it again with a tarp, secured with bungee cords, and tucked along the deck rails behind the shrubs and out of the direct path of the winds to protect it from the elements. You may ask why I don't store it in the garage? You mean my one-and-a-half car storage shed? That's another story for another day. Here we are six long grill-free months later and we're back at it. This last weekend I got it all cleaned up inside and out and cooked a delicious steak dinner.

Our three year old Charbroil Commercial Series 3-Burner Propane Grill featuring Tru-Infrared cooking and a side burner.Photo: Matt Appleby

A few years back, for Father's Day, we replaced our rusted out old grill and replaced it with a Charbroil Commercial Series three burner model with Tru-Infrared cooking and a side burner. I love it! It has allowed me to do a much better job of cooking burgers, steaks, chops and chicken. I'm able to not burn or dry out the meat. Kelly likes her steaks cooked to medium rare and by golly I'm able to deliver. This grill does not allow for flare-ups and cooks evenly. Furthermore this grill cleans up nicely and is showing very little wear. With previous propane grills I've owned, I would have a replaced grates or burners at least once by this stage of ownership.

The Ribeye! This one-pound-plus beauty makes two meals for Kelly.Photo: Matt Appleby

I must give credit to my late father and the years of watching him grill for my present grilling abilities, plus the extensive practice on my own has helped, too. Trust me, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to outdoor cooking. I need more practice with cooking fish and larger pieces of meat, like roasts and pork loins and ribs. I may add a rotisserie attachment, and a griddle surface but otherwise I have plenty of heat and cooking surface. I use propane. I'm not going to get into a verbal altercation with anyone over the advantages of charcoal cooking versus propane. To each his own. Personally, I don't have the patience for charcoal. For me, it's about the end results. As long as the guests at my table are satisfied with their meal, then so am I.

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