There's Something Brewing For Seinfeld Fans


Photo: Getty Images

Take a trip to the corner restaurant and enjoy some java with Jerry...sort of...without that costly trip to NYC!

Online coffee retailer is offering four blends inspired by the characters on Seinfeld. Jerry's Diner Blend is a "smooth and easy-drinking Brazilian blend, which has notes of brown sugar, roasted almonds, and chocolate." Kramer's Giddy Up is an Ethiopian blend that's "light and bright for an early morning wake-up call." George's Serenity Now has "some sweetness with notes of molasses and bittersweet chocolate." And Elaine's Little Kicks is described as a "spicy yet sweet Mexican coffee blend [that] brings a kick to your day with notes of cocoa and cinnamon." (Food & Wine)

I'm looking forward to the inevitable "Festivus" Blend for the Holidays! That's the perfect beverage for the "airing of grievances" and "feats of strength". Wait, I have more. Puddy's Mud, J. Peterman's Jungle Java, and "Hello Newman Night Blend". Hopefully nothing involving Susan.

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