No Talk, Just A Trim? Not For Me!

Me after another great haircut & style from Beth Shafer at Supercuts on Ashland Rd in Mansfield.Photo: Matt Appleby

Let me just first say I really enjoy a good haircut. It never looks better than when I first walk out of Supercuts on Ashland Road in Mansfield. I tend to book with Beth Shafer, She does a great job on my hair as does Tiffany Bryant and Sarah Bibler. Sarah is the stylist who cut all of my hair off for a Country Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon stunt seven years ago.

Supercuts stylist Sarah Bibler cut off ALL of Matt's hair in February of 2015. Matt was fulfilling a promise made during the WNCO Country Cares For St. Jude Kids Radiothon. If he got 50 Partners In Hope he promised to get his hair cut off to show solidarity with the children with cancer. He did it!Photo: Kelly Appleby

I've been a client there for many years and I can't imagine NOT having a conversation with my stylist. We all follow each other on Facebook. We know about each other's families. We stuck with each other during the pandemic, the long delay between haircuts, the mask policy and the changes in how appointments were made. I enjoy catching up on each other's adventures. There's not a lot of "gossip" per say. That's not to say we don't have strong opinions about things going on in pop culture, sports and even our community. I may not always have a lot to offer to the conversation. I'm pretty sleepy during those after-work haircuts. If I were to receive a text that asked whether or not I want them to talk to me or keep in strictly business, I'd be shocked and, after a good laugh, I'd text back to tell them to "talk it up" all the way thru the hot towel at the end.

Below is an article that appeared in The Guardian describing how some salons are offering a "No Chat" option.

business woman lady boss in beauty salon making hairdress and looking to the mirror

Photo: Getty Images

Salons are leveling up their customer service by asking customers exactly what they want out of their experience. And for some people, what they really want is quiet. Some salons have started sending out pre-appointment questionnaires to ask customers if they would want to chat or just keep it quiet during their visit. The salons that have started the trend say they realized, during COVID, that having calming experiences without chit chat expectations is essential. “Some people just don’t want conversation; it’s really their time to zen out,” one stylist said. Salons are notoriously “chatty” industries, but that doesn’t mean they have to be for everyone. (The Guardian)

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