Richlandopoly coming back in June!

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Haring Realty presents their 5th annual “Richlandopoly” giant board game fundraiser on June 9th in the Community Room of the Mansfield Richland County Library in downtown Mansfield.

Haring Realty, in cooperation with United Way of Richland County’s upcoming campaign , is once again presenting their live-action, life-size board game event, “Richlandopoly”.

The event had its inaugural year in 2018, providing an exciting and interactive way for employees of Richland County businesses to come together for a cause that will directly impact our community.

Money is raised when local businesses sponsor a property on the “board” or when they gather a team to physically play the game.

Teams create their own oversize game pieces to move around the 20’x20’ board, roll 2’ dice, exchange giant money and may even end up in a life-size “jail”.

Eight teams from area businesses have paid to play the 2022 game, many of whom played last year, and had such an enjoyable time that they jumped at the chance to play again this year.

David Yoder with Richland Source, a collaborator on the first annual event says, ”from its inception, this event was designed to bring people together and celebrate what we share in Richland County. I think in the first year we successfully created an atmosphere that was fun and lively.”

This year, Haring Realty, together with more than 40 local businesses, is planning to increase the amount raised beyond the $10,836 that was presented to the United Way at the end of last year’s event. 100% of all proceeds will be given to United Way of Richland County.

The event will be held at Community Room of the Mansfield Richland County Library in downtown Mansfield on June 9th. Game play will begin at 11am and concludes at 1pm (or so) with the team with the most money/properties being awarded the “Richlandopoly 2022 Winner” trophy.

For further information contact Amy Lantz at 419-756-8383 or via email at

here is a link to our Facebook posts about it over the years:

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