Clear The Clutter and Free Your Mind

Clutter mess on a bedroom floor

A mess of clutter on the floor inside a bedroom.Photo: Getty Images

Hmmm. A snow shovel in the bedroom. Maybe that's where the clean up begins, then you work your way to the vacuum. I know first hand the aggravation of cleaning up clutter. It's elementary really. Clutter seems to feed upon itself and those piles we intend to get to, multiply. We joke that we are auditioning for the TV show "Hoarders". We're not that bad, yet, but the more messes we create the harder it gets to address. The next thing you know is we are paralyzed with indecision. We've forgotten where some of the stuff belongs and if we do remember that storage area, or closet, or tote is already full. When people tell me they've given up on ever having a clutter-free home I totally understand. I can truly relate to what is described in this article from this article.

Clean it up! No one likes doing chores, but the fact is, the cleanliness of your home has a direct impact on your well-being. Research found that people who keep their home clean are more focused, relaxed, productive, and happier than those whose homes are dirtier. Not only that, but having a tidy home can reduce your stress and anxiety levels – clutter and messiness make those feelings worse. A clean home will also help you sleep better and get sick less – fewer germs, dust, and more means fewer sick days.

Messy apartment counter tops covered in clutter

Photo: Getty Images

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