How Do You Like Your Eggs? Results of A Survey Are "Scrambled".

Hard-boiled brown eggs

Photo: Getty Images

Hard boiled and sliced on a salad? Fried, over hard, and placed between two pieces of buttered toast? Whipped and made into an omelet with cheese and bacon or ham? Or maybe scrambled to their own light and fluffy glorious goodness with a little shredded cheddar and dare I say a splash of ketchup? I like all of those choices! How do you like your eggs served?  

A new survey revealed the way most Americans like their eggs. Can you guess? Here’s a hint – it’s not scrambled or over easy or in an omelet. Believe it or not, the survey, which looked at egg-eating habits across all 50 states, found that most people prefer their eggs boiled – with hard-boiled just edging out soft-boiled. The second most popular way to make eggs is poaching them. After that, it’s all about frying – with over-easy beating out sunny side up in a state-by-state matchup. Omelets were next, and, surprisingly, the least favorite way to make eggs is scrambling them – with just five states choosing scrambled eggs as their favorite way to make and eat them.

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