Noodles: Grounds For Divorce

Ramen noodles in soy sauce flavored soup.

Photo: Getty Images

I love my wife and I love her cooking. Has she ever prepared anything that I don't like? Yes, Meatloaf. Not because she is bad at cooking meatloaf, but because I don't like meatloaf. I can honestly say there is not one thing in her kitchen skill set that would make me want to end the marriage. The story is much different for the subject of today's story. It's a perfect example of why couples should share the meal planning, shopping and cooking duties.

A man in India divorced his wife because he was sick and tired of her cooking – or, rather, not cooking. Apparently, he was upset that his wife did not know how to cook and simply gave him instant noodles every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe he could have learned to cook his own meals?

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