Pets Are Part Of The Family

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Tell me and be truthful. You take selfies of you and your pet, don't you? Your pet is included in your annual family Christmas photo, isn't it? You refer to your pet as your fur baby? You are just as conscious of making sure that pet food and supplies make the grocery list as milk, bread and lunch meat? Then there's obedience school, pet health insurance, even a pet cemetery plot. These are just some indicators of how much you love your non-human house guests. Like members of the family, right?

Pets are a part of your family ... It's no surprise that 90% of pet owners say their dog or cat is part of their family. But you might be surprised at exactly how people characterize their relationships with their fur babies.

  • 51% of dog owners and 43% of cat owners say they are the animal's parent.
  • 33% of dog owners and 21% of cat owners say they're best friends.
  • 6% of dog owners and 8% of cat owners say they're roommates.
  • 5% of dog owners and 14% of cat owners say they are their pet's servant.
  • Separately, 10% of pet owners say the animal is in charge, and 25% say they and their pets are equally in charge.

And one additional note, please support your local Humane Society and pet shelter, and rescue a pet today.

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