Fleas Drive Away Postal Carrier! Town Sues Owner Of Over 30 Feral Cats!


Photo: Getty Images

OMG! This is unbelievable! I've never heard of one household's cat & flea problem affecting neighbors and even the postal carrier!

A New Jersey woman is being sued by her town for running a flea bag motel for cats. The lawsuit claims that Maureen Jenkins allows more than 30 feral cats to live in her house, which has become overrun by fleas. The infestation is so bad, that neighboring houses are infested and anyone who comes close to the house is bitten by them. Even the mail carrier who has her house on his route put in a special request asking to skip her house because he was being attacked by the fleas.

Health officials got a search warrant to enter her home and found three dead cats and a rotting raccoon carcass hanging from the roof. They also found that the feral cats were able to roam freely in and out of the house through holes in the roof and siding. The town's lawsuit seeks to force Jenkins to have her house fumigated and also requests a court order that would prevent her from owning any future pets. (Patch)

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