A Lesson In Nephology


Weird phenomenon called mammatus cloudsPhoto: Getty Images

Mammatus Clouds. Certainly we've seen these before, but a new fascination has arisen following an evening filled with Severe Thurderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings. Mammatus Clouds are trending.

Mammatus clouds sky background

Formation of Mammatus clouds dramatic sky backgroundPhoto: Getty Images

If you live in or around the Ashland/Mansfield Ohio area, or know someone who does, and have been creeping on social media today then you've likely seen dozens, if not hundreds of pictures of Mammatus Clouds. What exactly are they? Mammatus (also called mamma or mammatocumulus, meaning "mammary cloud") is a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud, typically a cumulonimbus raincloud, although they may be attached to other classes of parent clouds. Mammatus clouds generally form in the most unstable cumulonimbus on the underside of a thunderstorm's anvil. , meaning that there is also a chance of hail, heavy rain and lightning in the vicinity, and if the air is cold enough during winter they can produce snow. Nephology is the study of clouds and it falls under the Meteorology umbrella.

Mammatus Clouds Towards Sunset

Photo: Getty Images

Most of us have the desire, myself included, to capture the perfect photo for ones 15 minutes of fame (maybe a little longer on a social media post). Just remember, your safety should come first.

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