Copper Thief Gets Caught Trying To Recycle Stolen Goods

the highway lamps

Photo: Getty Images

A West Virginia man who had spent several months stealing copper wires from light poles on the interstate and then selling the metal to a recycling center, recently traded his copper for a pair of metal bracelets. 

Thirty-one year-old Clarence Wayne Giles is accused of stealing the copper wire from light poles on I-64 and I-77 between January and June. He then sold it to recycling centers in the area for $16,000. But he recently walked into a recycling center to sell more metal and bumped right into police officers who happened to be there investigating the thefts. They took him into custody and charged him with breaking and entering, receiving and transferring stolen property, grand larceny, and destruction of property. (KRCG-TV)

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