Well This Just Seems Wrong And It's Happening in Ohio!

Smiling students standing in university campus

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it's one thing to make sure students are following the published dress code. It's another all-together to patrol off-campus areas and point out violators. Read on and see if you don't agree that he's taking his power to inappropriate lengths.

Fashion Police? A school board member in Northeast Ohio isn't satisfied with setting new dress code regulations -- he's now stalking students on the street to enforce them. Both parents and students have expressed anger over Todd Albright taking over a corner off school property in Chardon to observe teens -- and saying he's only focused on female students.

Mom Sara Koch Haueter wrote on Facebook, "From his voyeur corner, he proceeded to point out which girls he felt were inappropriately dressed. Although I do not have daughters, I am a woman who was once a teenage girl. I know how I would feel having a strange man watching me from the street corner as I walked home and point out to my principal that he thought my clothing choice was inappropriate."

WKYC spoke with students, one of whom said that they intend to stage a protest Monday in response to Albright's actions. Albright insists he's not on a "moral crusade," but just wants to enforce a ban on items like hoodies, hats and short skirts.

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