15 Reasons A Hotel Room In Space Will Suck

space tourism, a space hotel in orbit a space station in orbit of earth (3d rendering,this image elements furnished by NASA)

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Astronauts aboard Starlab -- which is the replacement for the International Space Station -- will get to hang out hundreds of miles above the surface of the Earth ... in astronaut suites designed by Hilton Hotels. The luxury hotel chain will be designing rooms, suites and lounge areas of the new space station, which is scheduled to be launched into low-Earth orbit by 2027. These living areas are expected to be more luxurious than ever before -- and, of course, the views from the rooms will be priceless.

Sure you'd have a nice view but I wonder if other problems, issues and inconveniences would be same for travelers up there as we experience down here. For example:

Matt's Top 15 Likely Issues With Space Hotel Stay:

  1. The room's not ready at check-in
  2. The shower towel is too small
  3. Under stocked with TP
  4. Space Bugs instead of Bed Bugs
  5. Complimentary breakfast but there are no bagels left and they ran out of waffle batter.
  6. Poor Wi-Fi
  7. Room key doesn't work
  8. Sure, there's a room but where do you park?
  9. $10 for a bottle of water?
  10. CSI team is just finishing up in your room when you arrive!
  11. No H.B.O.
  12. Space Cash only
  13. They Don't accept AAA
  14. Anti-Gravity beds
  15. Star Wars Cantina Band  Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes are the only entertainment!

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