Country Star Turns Guitar Strings Into Jewelry For Charity

electric guitar

Photo: Getty Images

Not being a musician, I can only imagine how many guitar strings get busted on any given night by a performer like Chris Stapleton. It's got to be at least a few, right. If a big time star restrings his guitars for every show then there could be dozens that get tossed out. That's a lot of waste. Guys like Stapleton and former member of Tom Petty and he Heartbreakers Mike Campbell have found a way to turn that trash into treasure. Stapleton's broken guitar strings from his summer tour have been fashioned into rings that are being sold to benefit his Outlaw State of Kind charity.  Campbell, who toured with Stapleton this summer, is doing the same for the Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund. They've now teamed up to support Chris's foundation.

Imagine being a fan of either artist, one of their songs is meaningful to you and your significant other, and you buy one of these guitar string rings with which you'll propose marriage. Now that's special!

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