So Long Charcuterie, Welcome "Butter Board"

Homemade Butter with thyme and rosemary and lemon zest, on old dark  wooden table background

Photo: Getty Images

I'm all for creative ways to display tasty snacks and appetizers. Take for example the charcuterie tray or board which to me was a fancy way to present your typical meat, cheese and veggies at the family get together or sports related "couch-gate". Well the charcuterists out there may have to give way to something new, exciting and .more universally pleasing to the palate. It involves butter and who doesn't love that!

Butter boards are the new charcuterie boards … Instead of arranging meat and cheese on a platter for your next get-together, why not make a butter board? Apparently butter boards are be the next big thing, and it’s as easy as it sounds. Just smear butter all over a board, then add herbs and spices for a savory board or jam and honey for a sweet board. Basically, you can add whatever you like. Serve with warm, crusty bread and a glass of wine and you’ll be all set.

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