It's National Chewing Gum Day. Got A Favorite?

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So many brands, so little time! Chewing Gum is a must for me. I have to have some in the car and often carry some in my lunch cooler. What are my preferences? Glad you asked. If I had to rank them:

  1. Eclipse - Spearmint or Winterfrost
  2. Extra - Spearmint
  3. Ice Breakers - Ice Cubes - Cinnamon
  4. Wrigley's - Big Red
  5. Wrigley's - Spearmint

Sometimes, if it's just a matter of a quick breath freshener, any of the above or I'll chew Trident or whatever's handy.

Guilty Pleasures include Big League Chew, Hubba Bubba, Bubble Yum, Bazooka.

When I was young there was Freshen-Up. It was gum with like a mouth wash in the center.

There's Mom's purse gum. (Watch out for the lint)

Keep that Licorice gum away from me. Yuck!!!

Last, but not least, Chiclets. Tell me you haven't put a whole packet of those in your mouth at one time!

While you are lip-smacking your day away, think of this special day and enjoy it just a little bit more!

p.s. In the time it took me to write this blog, I drained the flavor from two cinnamon "Ice Cubes". They're not all winners.

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