How do You Like Your Turkey? Roasted, Deep Fried or ... Cuddled?


Photo: Getty Images

When I see a turkey I immediately think of a Holiday meal with that bird roasted or deep fried and center stage on the table surrounded by potatoes, dressing, vegetables, rolls and Jello salad. But the turkey is the star.

Lots of people have a turkey on their table for Thanksgiving, but an animal rescue wants people to have a different turkey experience. The Gentle Barn, with locations in Santa Clarita, California; Nashville, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri, is offering “turkey cuddling” on Thanksgiving. “We are inviting you on Thanksgiving Day to cuddle our turkeys,” The Gentle Barn said in a press release. For a donation ranging from $25-$50, depending on the location, visitors can spend 90 minutes with the birds.

To each his/her own. Who am I to dictate what you can have for emotional support or simply lovin' on one of God's creatures. On the other hand, I'm not anticipating any member of my family will take up turkey-cuddling before Thanksgiving and I hope there will be no Prime-Rib or Honey Ham cuddling for the Holidays to come.

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