It's Their Dying Wish: Get Out And Vote!

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Have you thought about what might be your final message to the living when you are facing your own death? Will you pass along words of love, personal blessings, pleas to your family to stay close and stay healthy? All are quite common, but this next one might surprise you.

If you've ever questioned the importance of voting in an election, think about Ann Callahan of Springfield, Illinois. Urging people to vote was so important to her that she made it her final wish before she died last week at the age of 89.

According to USA Today, Callahan's obituary on reads, "Lastly, as a lover of our state, nation and of democracy, she would remind you to please vote." And she's not the only one with that departing wish. A search of the site found at least 22 obituaries published over the past month reminding people to vote. An obituary for Herb Denish of Kansas City reads, "As a lifelong Democrat one of the last things he did was request his absentee ballot knowing that the future and the coming vote was important. Please vote in his honor as well, early voting will be available statewide Saturday, October 22nd!" An obituary for M. Kay Classon of Illinois, who died on October 4th, reads "She wanted us to include this advice: Vote. Her last word, if you will."

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