Tired of Turkey? Some Say Yes!

My Father-In-Law at his culinary best! Carving the turkey takes a special skill if you want it done right!Photo: Matt Appleby

Turkey? For Thanksgiving? Funny I should mention it! My wife and I were just discussing how big of a turkey to purchase. We need to feed 12 to 15 (approx) so it needs to be big but not too big for the oven. We're looking for something around 22 pounds. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only times of the year we'll sit down for the big roasted turkey meal. We love it. It surprised me to learn that there are many Americans that are going in a non-turkey directions this season.

Don’t pass the turkey … survey found that when it comes to Thanksgiving’s main dish – lots of people want to dump it. 26% of survey respondents said they are tired of traditional Thanksgiving food and would prefer other options. A quarter of those surveyed said turkey is the most overrated Thanksgiving dish and 64% said they would switch out the bird with something else. 30% said they already had ditched the turkey. And it’s not just turkey people are sick of. 53% of those surveyed said they are tired of the traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce and want to see new side dishes on the table this year.

To each his or her own. Me? I'm hoping there are left overs, lots of them. There's nothing better on Day 2 then turkey on white bread with mayo. Oh, I can taste it now!

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