Chocolate Is Inflation Proof!

Chocolate dominoes with powdered sugar, cinnamon sticks

Photo: Getty Images

As the prices on practically everything keep going up, it's safe to say Chocolate lovers are not cutting back. We'll give up a bag of chips, maybe even some fast food but it's very difficult not to succumb to a chocolate craving (he says as he's crunching on a handful of M&M's). And then there's what I call peer pressure. I paid an unprecedented amount of money, nearly $100, to buy enough candy for two nights of trick or treating this Halloween. That's not for full size or even fun size candy bars, but mini's. That's crazy but I didn't want to be "the" house on the street that didn't pass out treats. If you've got to have it, you've got to have it!

Chocolate is inflation-proof ... Inflation is forcing everyone to pinch their pennies a little tighter these days and cut back on spending, but not when it comes to chocolate. According to a new U.S. Chocolate Confectionery Market report, chocolate sales are booming. So why is chocolate seemingly unaffected by inflation and a looming recession? Experts say it's because people are stressed out and chocolate is the perfect comfort food. Hershey reported a 12.6% increase in sales in the third quarter of this year. Of course, holidays like Halloween and Christmas don't hurt.

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