Most Popular Dog Names For 2022

Cute dog sit in the car on the front seat

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Choosing a name for your pet dog can be a challenge. You want something that fits his or her breed, size, gender, or personality. For instance the dog in the picture above could be Cookie or Chuckles. Some people like to choose human names like Eddie, Fred, Tony. But please take a moment and imagine what it will sound like when you holler "LOUIE!" out the back door. Choosing a name taken from a celebrity or movie character like Ringo, Rocky, Hank or Dolly. I've pledged that if we get another dog we'll get two, both Yorkie's and name them Hannibal and Clarice or Harry and Sally from our two favorite movies. It comes down to personal preference.

2022's most popular dog names ... Do you have a dog at home named Luna or Max? What about Bella or Charlie? Well, according to, a lot of you do. Based on their database, Luna is the most popular name for female dogs this year, and Max is number-one for males. They're followed by Bella and Charlie. Other names on the list include Daisy, Cooper, Lucy, and Milo. Some of the top trending names that may end up on next year's list include Fezco, Cassini, Mossberg, Mirabel, and Kyna. also compiled map of the U.S. showing each state's most popular dog name and breed. 

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