Man Who Performs Good Deed Is Rewarded With Gummy Bears.

Full Frame Shot Of Gummy Bears

Photo: Getty Images

A German man has a bone to pick with gummy bear maker Haribo and is blasting the company for being "cheap. The 38-year-old man identified as Anouar, says he found a piece of paper on the floor in a train station and picked it up. It was a business check written out to Haribo in the amount of $4.7 million. So, he contacted the company and a representative asked him to destroy the check and send them a photo as proof. He did, and for his trouble, Haribo thanked him by sending him six packages of gummy bears. But Anouar, who believes he saved the company millions of dollars, is not satisfied. He said, "I thought that was a bit cheap." 

Haribo says it appreciates what Anouar did, but adds, "Whilst we recognized that this was a crossed check that could not be deposited by anyone but the company this was addressed to, we were grateful that Mr. Anouar took the time to contact us and we were pleased to share a sweet gesture with him as a thank you." (Fox Business)

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