Win Your Next SCRABBLE Match With These New Acceptable Words

Today Merriam-Webster, in partnership with Hasbro, Inc., a global branded entertainment leader, has released the Seventh Edition of

The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, providing players hundreds of new ways to score big. FOLX (“folks”), JEDI ("a person who

shows skill or mastery"), and the high-scoring ZEDONK (“a zonkey”) join over 500 officially playable new words.

In the right SITCH (“a situation”), players can now rack up points with informal terms like ADORBS,

CONVO, IXNAY (“to put an end to”), and BAE. Younger SCRABBLE fans may enjoy playing ONESIE,

SLUSHEE, and SPORK, while HANGRY (“angry from being hungry”) game players may find satisfaction in

tasty words like GUAC, MATCHA (“a green powder used to make tea”) WAGYU (“a kind of Japanese

cattle”), and ZOODLE (“a thin strip of zucchini”). New words fueled by social media include AMIRITE

(“used for ‘am I right’"), DOX (and the variant DOXX, defined as “to publish private information about a

person”), and SUBTWEET (“to send a mocking or critical message on Twitter that alludes to another

Twitter user”).

Savvy players will appreciate the addition of words with high-scoring letters like CRYPTID (“an animal

that is believed to exist but never proven to exist”), GRAWLIX (“a group of symbols used to replace an

obscene word”), and VAX (also VAXX, meaning “to give a vaccine to”), or adding letters to words already

on the board to form BODYCAM, EGGCORN (“a word that sounds like and is mistaken for another word”),


“English speakers like to have fun with words, and no one does it better than SCRABBLE players, who

make excellent use of words both obscure and common,” says Peter Sokolowski, Editor at Large at Merriam-Webster.

“This edition of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary provides hundreds of new

opportunities for players to up their game while celebrating the riches of the ever-expanding language.”

New words are added to The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary only if they meet specific criteria:

words cannot be abbreviations, proper names, words considered foreign, or words containing hyphens

or apostrophes. All words in the dictionary must also be between 2 and 8 letters long. Entries feature a

brief definition, a part-of-speech label, and inflected forms for fast, easy word validation.

Merriam-Webster’s Seventh Edition of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary is available in paperback

and hardcover formats in the United States and Canada.

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