What's Ohio's Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

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Well, we hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and hope you spent some quality time with family and friends. We also hope you had a chance to devour whatever is your favorite Thanksgiving food. I enjoyed two celebrations. One with the in-laws and one with my family and both were fantastic! Turkey was featured at both, with roasted and deep fried available at the in-laws. Scrumptious! Just roasted turkey was served at my house with extra white meat prepared in the event that "doggie bags" are desired. As it turns out when serving Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving it might not be necessary to expect requests for take home portions. Everybody has had their fill already. More for me, I say.

Looking back over the weekend I'd say it was our best presentation yet. Everything was on point including the gravy which, when making it from scratch, is challenging. but practice makes perfect and Kelly has arrived! The mashed potatoes and dressing were excellent and the cornbread, made by my sister Lynnette, was outstanding! The pies made for the perfect finish to the meal. Could I pick a favorite? Probably the turkey. I only get roasted turkey once or twice a year. But in all honesty I loved it all.

How about you? What's your favorite item at the Thanksgiving meal?

If there’s one thing more divisive than holiday music, it’s holiday food. To determine the most and least popular Thanksgiving foods across the country, 2,100 Americans were surveyed and here are the key findings as they relate to Ohio::

  • The most popular thanksgiving food in Ohio is pumpkin pie.
  • The least popular thanksgiving food in Ohio is sweet potato pie.
  • The average drinker has 3 alcoholic drinks on Thanksgiving. In Ohio, residents have 3.5 alcoholic drinks on average (which ranks 10th most nationally).
  • 37% of Ohio residents said they are likely to try vegan turkey this year as an alternative to turkey. 

Survey results provided by https://www.northstarinbound.com/


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