Holiday Spending - Here Come The Bills

Stressed mixed race woman paying bills

Photo: Getty Images

The holidays are over and now the bills are coming due. According to research by WalletHub, 1 in 3 Americans overspent during the holidays. 59% said inflation affected their holiday spending, but 43% said it was worth going into credit card debt this holiday season.

I can't say we overspent on gifts for family. We do a random drawing to see which sibling we'll buy for. Most of the gift buying was for kids, nieces and grandkids. My wife and I did not shop for each other. Throughout the course of the year we spent heavy on a major remodel of a room and the furnishings that go with it, so that was our gift to each other. Plus hefty car repairs and medical bills came pouring in over the holidays. That was our Christmas. - Matt Appleby

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