Don't Do This Anymore!

Man Pretends to Play Guitar Listening to Music

Photo: Getty Images

Gen Z is giving a clear thumbs-down to the thumbs up ... and a number of other hand gestures. According to a survey by Prospectus Global, the thumbs-up is one of the lamest signals an oldster can send to someone under 30, but not as bad as the worst -- the dreaded air guitar. The full list of lame gestures includes:

1. Air guitar gesture -- 38%

2. Double thumbs up -- 30%

3. Pretending to write in the air to indicate you want the check -- 29%

4. Pinky up while drinking tea -- 28%

5. Double A-ok sign (both hands make the sign) -- 21%

6. Saluting -- 21%

7. Punching a fist into your palm (to show you mean business) -- 20%

8. Fist pump -- 19%

9. Raised finger (to get people to stop talking) -- 19%

10. Thumbs up -- 19%

Oddly, "finger guns" did not make the list.

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